About Funknard's

Mark and Targa started Funknard's Manufactory in the summer of 2016. We are located in the Sierra Nevada foothills community of Camino, California. For the last 20 years our collective professional background is in graphic design, photography, and web development. In our free time we love to build stuff and work on our house. We are on our third renovation right now and we like to take it slow and do as much  as we can with repurposed and found items. We built our greenhouse out of wood we got from an old skate board ramp! This love for building things from salvaged materials has translated into making furniture from things like old fence wood and light fixtures from used drums and old tools. We are having a great time and we hope the care and quality that goes into every piece brings happiness to our customers!

One of a Kind

Our work is proudly hand made in the USA, from locally sourced, reclaimed lumber. The wood we use can be from old fences, barns or even from the old Mill here in Camino. Some of the wood is from felled trees that have been cut down because of damage or disease and destined for the land fill. Because of this, you will see slight imperfections in the finishes giving it our signature rustic look. This wood is strong and has a weathered imperfection that you can’t achieve with new wood. The hardware items are found objects and things from flea markets, garage sales, and salvage yards. Each piece is unique and is built to last whether it’s indoors or outdoors. We spend a lot of time searching for hardware and other items to ensure all of our work is one-of-a-kind.

Targa Funk + Mark Bernard = The Funknards

A building or set of buildings with facilities for manufacturing or production.

Thank You for checking us out!  – The Funknards
Pride & Quality

Our indoor and outdoor furniture is made to the highest standards from start to finish. Hand made in Camino, California, with quality craftsmanship and features you can feel good about when you purchase from us.


Our light fixtures are also hand made and all new electrical parts used are UL approved so you can rest assured your new light is of the highest quality and safety available. At Funknard's Manufactory, our light fixtures are made of recycled, found, and handmade materials and items. Some parts of our products are made with new items to insure functionality and durability. Whenever possible those new products are made in the USA.